Visual Neuroscience

Visual neuroscience is a sub branch of a bigger conglomerate subject called Neuroscience. This branch takes into account various topics such as organization of visual pathways; subcortical processing; processing in the primary visual cortex, effects of drugs on visual neural pathways, computational modelling of neural pathways of vision, spatial relationships between eye movements, attention and cognition. Insight into this process allows clinical psychologists to gain a greater understanding for what may be causing visual disorders.

  • Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Neuro-psycopharmacology
  • Neural and Computational Models of Vision
  • Spectrum Sensitivity
  • Human Psychophysics
  • Neural Mechanics in Attention
  • Visual Attention and Awareness
  • Social- and Clinical- Psychology
  • Visually-Guided Gaze Behavior
  • Synesthesia

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